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i still don’t feel like i’m caught up from my break on tumblr but i want to warn you all that i don’t have internet at the house i’m at right now and i won’t be back to my dad’s until friday

i’m planning at just going to coffee shops and stuff during tomorrow but i will say goodbye for now <3

send me asks about feuilly/enjolras qps or daddy ferre while i’m gone

buttbuttbossuet said: And bahorel would be just smitten with Monty bc Monty is really cute when he blushes so bahorel tries everything to make him blush and bahorel is aware that Monty doesn't have a whole lot of people who care about him so he gives Monty a bunch of love and affection because he needs it in his life


buttbuttbossuet said: Idk I think Monty Would accidentally fall in love with bahorel because bahorel would do little stupid things like give him large bear hugs or ask him how his day was which isn't something weird but montparnasse doesn't get that a lot and he doesn't understand how he could be his usual self and bahorel would still be clinging to him.

ok ay yeah i can see that yeah yeah

buttbuttbossuet said: Alright now at first they were just fucking and didn't talk much, but then montparnasse started asking questions about bahorels life. Why did he do this? Because he was curious as to why bahorel ended up in the fight club. Of course bahorel starts asking questions right back and montparnasse dodges a lot of them. Bahorel also had this tradition that he would make his lovers/fucks breakfast if they were still around when he woke up. Montparnasse is shocked by this, and ends up opening up

So bahorel and Monty keep going at it as usual, and bahorel still doesn’t know about the whole murder thing. One day before bahorel shows up, the other guys ask montparnasse why he goes home with bahorel every night and he shrugs and says that they have a drink and they keep pressuring him and Monty tries to tell them that there’s nothing between him and bahorel and they’re like “prove it” which basically means “kill him to prove you don’t care”

Then there’s a scene like the one in Ella enchanted when montparnasse is with bahorel and he’s got the knife in his hand and they’re making out and Monty keeps telling himself to do it and then bahorel breaks the kiss and looks Monty in the eyes and he just can’t do it so he drops the knife



things enjolras does for grantaire when he knows he’s having really sad, horrible days

  • buys him new soft pastels so he can still make art but using lighter colours than just charcoal
  • tidies his room so he has space to think and breathe 
  • opens windows in their apartment to let fresh air in and give him a sense of being outside even if he doesn’t leave the house
  • makes him healthy meals that are nice to eat too so that he doesn’t have to stop working and make something in the microwave
  • lights fruit scented candles round the house to give a positive light and smell everywhere
  • does all the house chores so that grantaire doesn’t worry about anything more than he normally is
  • leaves little post-it notes around grantaire’s bedroom saying things like “love you!” and “smile!”
  • cuddles him whenever he’s really sad or lonely so that grantaire knows enjolras loves him
  • takes him to art galleries and asks him to explain all the art to him, because enjolras knows that grantaire loves feeling clever
  • leaves fresh, cold bottles of water by grantaire’s bed for in the mornings, because sometimes R just starts working straight away and it’s important to keep hydrated
  • plays uplifting, cheesy pop music that they both secretly love very quietly in the room across from grantaire’s
  • brings him breakfast and lets him have a lie in on mornings when enjolras thinks that grantaire needs some extra rest
  • lets him know that he’s loved and special and talented and beautiful


enjjolras we can see all sorts of shit on broadway together, me and you…………….. buT mo  st TL  y  M e Eeee


I’m still decided to make beardferre a thing, so have the bearded angel laughing and huddled in his winter coat C:

Anonymous said: little henry dressing up like a bee and little phoebe dressing up like a flower for halloween




Too much booty